FC-10 Ultralight Prismatic Inflatable Pad

FC-10 Ultralight Prismatic Inflatable Pad

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After a long day on the trail, a good night's rest is a necessity. Grab yourself a great night’s slumber with the Naturehike Africa FC-10 Ultralight Prismatic Inflatable Pad.

Made from durable TPU material, this ultra-comfy inflatable mat weighs in at only 470g and will provide a pad of comfort to rest on. The double layer, one-way intake valve makes inflation easy and deflation a choice so you won't wake up in the middle of the night with a flat bed.

Tech Specs

Dimensions 1950 x 590 x 65mm
Packed Dimensions 300 x ø100mm
Weight 600g

TPU nylon
Features Double layer valve with one-way intake